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Monster Hunter: World’s Autumn Harvest event is live on PC

Monster Hunter: World's Autumn Harvest event has arrived for PC players, and there are plenty of reasons to play every day.

If high-rank Diablos isn’t spooky enough for you, Monster Hunter: World’s Autumn Harvest event is now live on PC, and it features the Jack ‘O Lanterns and costumes you’d expect from an extremely murdery game that is also so strangely steeped in fashion.

On PC, the Autumn Harvest kicked off yesterday – the day after it ended for console players. As Capcom has said, PC players will end up with the same timed content that console players have enjoyed, but on a delayed schedule. At any rate, here’s what you’re getting if you decide to participate.

First off, just logging in during the festival period will get you two Lucky Vouchers instead of the usual one – you can use these to double your Zenny rewards from quests and investigations. You’ll also get an Autumn Harvest Ticket, which you can collect to craft special seasonal armor, the Harvest Set (which you can make in either low or high rank). New outfits come with the “layered armor” attribute, which means you can wear them over your carefully-selected high-rank sets without losing the bonuses you’ve worked hard on gaining.

You’ll also notice that the some of the staff around Astera are wearing Halloween-themed outfits – including the Hub Lass, who now looks like she’s cosplaying a goth split between Mad Moxxi and your local renaissance faire turkey leg maiden.

During the Autumn Harvest you’ll be able to play every previously-released event quest – although on PC we’ve just had this one seasonal event so far, so don’t get too excited about that. However, you will have new Limited Bounties available on a daily basis, and these will reward you with Autumn Harvest Tickets and Harvest Fireworks.

The Handler and your porcine Poogie also get new outfits, and you can see that the Meowscular Chef and company have made over the canteen as well. If you stop by before a quest (as you ought to be doing anyway), there’s a new menu item available, the Harvest Platter. That’s made with guaranteed fresh ingredients every time, so it’ll be a sure boost when you’re out grinding for monster bits.

On PC, the Autumn Harvest event in Monster Hunter: World runs from October 5-18. I’m going to have to balance this between Forza Horizon 4 and Destiny 2, but hopefully I’ll see you there.