Monster Hunter: World will use Denuvo on PC

monster hunter world denuvo

Bad news if you’re a Monster Hunter fan who’s particular about DRM – Monster Hunter: World will launch with Denuvo Anti-Tamper when it comes to PC next month. Like some of Capcom’s other major PC releases, the game will have an additional layer of DRM in addition to activation on Steam.

Like Resident Evil 7, Monster Hunter: World will limit players to installing on five different PCs per day. You’re unlikely to hit that limit in any real-world scenario, but the fact that the game will likely be phoning home to check those activations could be problematic in some situations.

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Folks concerned about Denuvo have two primary concerns. One is that calling home requirement, which could potentially render some games unplayable if the DRM servers ever go offline. Ideally, that could be corrected with a simple patch if those servers ever went out. But we have seen some very niche examples – like Metal Gear Rising’s Mac port – become unplayable when their DRM went down.

The other concern is performance – whether Denuvo has a significant effect on how your PC runs protected games. The answer to that question is still up in the air, though. Durante – the developer and modder responsible for, among other things, DSFix – analyzed Final Fantasy XV over at PC Gamer and found no degraded performance there, though load times were increased.

But that’s a single example, and many players remain unconvinced. Tekken 7 director Katsuhiro Harada pointed to the game’s Denuvo protection as the cause behind certain stutters in the game, for example.

Whether or not the Denuvo controversy is justified, the DRM package has been successful in keeping games protected from pirates, at least during the launch window of a month or two after release.

If you’re still on board, check out the Monster Hunter: World system requirements. Assuming your machine can handle it, you’ll be able to push the game to 60fps-a target the console versions certainly struggle to reach – when the Monster Hunter: World release date arrives.