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Monster Hunter: World is coming to console in January, but later on PC

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Ahead of Tokyo Game Show, Monster Hunter: World has got a new trailer and a release date announcement. Capcom’s fantasy ARPG is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26, 2018… but we’ll have to wait a little longer. Capcom say “a PC release will follow at a later date.”

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Monster Hunter: World is the first time the series has come to PC. You'll play a member of a research commission, which has been sent to explore a dangerous, undiscovered new territory.

The TGS trailer shows off the expedition's base of operations - a pleasant-looking village called Astera - as well as a very shouty man who insists that everything has to be done "NOW!" and a variety of intriguing monster designs. Some of them fly despite having improbably small wings for their body size - it's wild.

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QDP2 avatar
QDP2 Avatar
7 Months ago

I got into the series on a dated PSP (playing a ISO of MHP3rd in Japanese). The fun was always from having friends to hunt with; it had the same appealing factors to me as Borderlands (except the grind-path was clearer, you knew what monster to hunt to unlock the desired gear).

EGX 2015 persuaded me it was a good idea to buy a 3DS solely for MH4U, and all the footage has dragged me back onto the handheld to play their current latest release (at least in the west); Generations. Since the announcement I've been unable to go 2 days without returning to the handheld to play some more. The fact that Generations takes you to the town and maps of my first game (now in English!) has put it up there with Skywind in terms of nostalgia.

My hype for this title couldn't be any greater right now. I do wish it had underwater combat/levels (they existed on Wii games, but never in the handhold versions) so I could gain my own opinion of the battles, but the public has a general hate for these modes when they were done before so I guess I'm not missing out on much..

Being told originally it was going to be an 'Early 18' release for consoles, I was anticipating a Feb-March release date. Hearing it's coming out so soon now is awesome news, since the sooner it gets dropped on console, the sooner devs start work on the PC port (therefore the sooner we get our hands on it!) It's going to be a hard wait putting off buying a console for this title, the series has succeeded tempting me in the past. In truth I doubt I'd be able to hold my temper as long as I have with FF15.