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Monster Hunter: World PC gets its first free content update, adding the Deviljho

We're starting to Monster Hunter: World's PC update schedule in action, because the Deviljho is on the way

Monster Hunter: World launched on PC a month ago, and it seems we’re getting a slightly accelerated update schedule compared to the original version on consoles. A new update launches tomorrow, bringing the Deviljho to the game for your hunting pleasure, and the new update promises to stamp out the last few connection errors PC players have been suffering from.

The addition of the Deviljho marks the PC version’s first significant content update. The Deviljho will invade six and seven star quests and high rank expeditions, assuming you’ve completed the investigation for the “??? Rathian.” You’ll get new Devilijho weapons and Vangis armour sets, and you’ll see a new specialized tool in the Dragonproof Mantle.

Those additions might sound familiar if you’ve been playing the other versions of MHW, since it’s basically the same stuff that came to consoles in the first content update for those editions. That means we can probably expect updates to come in roughly the same way they hit consoles, though we’re getting it in roughly half the time. Maybe that means the PC updates will come faster.

There have been a series of updates addressing the connection errors keeping players from getting into online games, and the patch notes this time around say the devs have fixed the “remaining connection issues that were causing excessive error messages.” Things should be smooth from here on out. (We hope.)

That update goes live tonight at 17:00 PDT / 20:00 EDT / 1:00 BST. (Technically that last time is tomorrow morning, but you get the idea.) We might have a new addition to our list of the best monsters in MHW with the Deviljho around, but if you’re still stuck on the basics you should make sure to check out our Monster Hunter: World beginners guide for tips on your first steps into the hunt.