Monster Hunter: World is Capcom’s best-selling game ever

monster hunter world sales numbers

Update, March 5: Monster Hunter: World is Capcom’s best-selling game ever.

Monster Hunter: World has sold 7.5 million copies in a little over five weeks, making it Capcom’s highest-selling game ever. That’s pretty impressive for a game coming from a studio that’s been around for nearly four decades.

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Capcom announced in a press release this morning that the figure included both digital and physical sales. 7.5 million copies sold means that Monster Hunter: World has sold more copies than any Resident Evil, Mega Man, or even Street Fighter game.

The figure also puts series-wide Monster Hunter sales at more than 48 million. With a PC version due this Autumn, it seems pretty likely that that figure will top 50 million with relative ease.

Update, February 14:Monster Hunter: World has already acheived Capcom’s sales targets.

Capcom have confirmed that Monster Hunter: World has already hit the company’s sales goals for this financial year. In its first three weeks, the game has already sold over six million copies.

In a recent earnings call, Capcom were asked about the game’s sales performance in relation to the company’s targets. A spokesperson said that while they hadn’t disclosed target sales, Monster Hunter: World “has already acheived our target for the current fiscal year.”

That’s a lot faster than Capcom were expecting. They say that “we had anticipated a slower pace of first-year sales compared to previous entries in the series,” but a global release appears to have helped significantly. Despite the success, however, the priority going forward is to improve lifetime unit sales, and as such the company didn’t discuss any additional content.

Update, February 9:Monster Hunter: World is slaying on console.

Monster Hunter: World has topped six million in worldwide shipments and digital sales.

According to developers Capcom (via Gematsu), Monster Hunter: World has shipped over six million units worldwide, including digital download sales, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Original story, January 29:Monster Hunter: World has already outsold every other game in the series.

After one weekend, Monster Hunter: World is already the most successful Monster Hunter title of all time, and it’s not even out on PC yet. Capcom announced today that the game has shipped 5 million copies worldwide, including digital download sales across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Do note that those are copies “shipped,” including those sent to retail that haven’t necessarily sold yet. Even with that caveat in mind, it puts World ahead of numbers for previous top performers in the series, including Monster Hunter Freedom 3 with 4.9 million units sold and Monster Hunter X with 4.3 million.

If you want to engage in some fuzzy math to see how a PC version might do, we can look at Resident Evil 7’s multiplatform release. The horror title has sold 4.1 million units, and SteamSpy reports that there are roughly 562,000 owners of the game on Steam. That’s an entirely different genre, but it serves as a rough indicator of the general split between consoles and PC. But Monster Hunter’s delayed release on PC means that its eventual success will be far more determined by word of mouth in the months to come.

The PC version of World is due out this autumn and – hopefully – we’ll be able to get the lineup of free DLC coming to the game from day one.