See all 14 of Monster Hunter: World’s varied weapons in action

Monster Hunter World

Capcom just dropped 14 trailers for the varied weapons you can use in Monster Hunter: World. Instead of bombarding you with 14 videos at once, we’ll follow Capcom’s lead and present them to you by category. So here are three videos all about stabby and shooty things. 

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First off, the video at the top of the page: Light Weapons. As the name suggests, these are for hunters who like to be quick on their feet, keeping you nimble as you chip away at a monster’s health with fast combos. Weapons include a sword and shield, dual blades, a longsword, and a light bowgun.

The video above shows off the Heavy Weapons category. These are for people who like to deal big damage with each swing, sometimes charging it up to deliver a killer blow. While these pack a punch, it comes at the cost of mobility – make sure you don’t miss! These include the great sword (yes, it’s two words, for some reason), the hammer, a lance, a gunlance, and a heavy bowgun.

Lastly, it’s the turn of the wildcards: the Technical Weapons. These range from the bizarre to the downright cool. These are all completely different – some buff your party, some send out insects, some transform, and some let you almost fly around the battlefield. Your choices here are between the switch axe, the charge blade, the insect glaive, the hunting horn, and the bow.