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Monster Hunter World gets Leon, Claire, Mr. X, and Tofu in its Resident Evil crossover

Mr. X is still gonna give it to ya in a whole new setting

Monster Hunter World has already hosted plenty of wild crossovers in the past, from Assassin’s Creed to the Witcher, and Capcom’s own catalogue has brought in incongruous stars like Mega Man. But the latest meeting of the games brings in the zombified world of Resident Evil, and judging by the teaser trailer it is MHW’s most extensively ridiculous event yet.

The trailer opens naturally enough as Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy get a brief introduction to the world of Monster Hunter. Then we see the interior of a classic RE-style mansion, filled with zombified hunters – who just can’t help dancing? Then the zombie hunters, Leon, and Claire all show up as playable characters taking down a monster.

Then Mr. X shows up, apparently in place of the Handler, complete with all her totally not Mr. X-like animations and mannerisms. (Hopefully he’ll also feature the same voice acting.) Then Tofu shows up on the end of a weapon and chimes in at the close of the trailer. It’s completely bonkers.

Check it all out for yourself in the trailer below.

This Resident Evil crossover is scheduled to hit Monster Hunter World: Iceborne in November, though we’ll have to wait a bit for it on PC.

Iceborne hits PC in January, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer to enjoy the crossover for ourselves. In the meantime, we can enjoy all the ridiculous footage that is sure to result from the console release.