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Mordhau players glitch into character select so they can annoy people with Despacito

A Mordhau glitch has opened some notable trolling opportunities

Mordhau is still taking Steam by storm, and now players have taken their medieval shenanigans to a new level by escaping the bounds of material space and invading the hallowed grounds of character selection. Not only that, they’ve taken advantage of the game’s lute to deliver the ultimate outpouring of meme depression – Despacito.

While you might need a mod to become a Lute God, you can escape the bounds of the game’s Contraband map without any external help. It just requires running through a tricky set of jumps, which you can see detailed on Reddit (via Polygon). There’s not much you can do beyond the bounds of the game world, except go stand on the platform where spawning players go to select their class.

Once you’re out there, the possibilities are endless. You could run some rude emotes, swing your sword around, or just stand around and enjoy the bewilderment of confused fellow players. Or you could make like Alexa and play Despacito.

You can see just that happening in the clip below.

This is so sad, et cetera.

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