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Some Mordhau cheaters will “slip through the net” as devs revoke bans

Mordhau devs are revoking some bans following a ban wave, which will let some cheaters back in

Mordhau tank build

Mordhau moderators have been putting a stop to quite a few players’ medieval marauding this week with a wave of bans. One of the game’s developers announced on Steam that more than 2,000 people had been banned for cheating – but, a number of these bans are now being revoked.

The dev, who goes by the name Marox, stated on May 21 that “we have game banned a little over 2,000 players today for using third party cheat software at any time since release. This is the first wave of such bans, and the infraction could have occurred at any point since release. Please don’t cheat”.

However, in updates issued yesterday on Steam, and on Discord by a dev titled Crush, the devs said that they were now revoking some bans that were a part of this wave because it seemed there were some false positives in the mix. Crush said that they were “err[ing] on the side of caution” which means that some “cheaters will slip through the net” and be let back in.

He added, though, that some of the “bans are blatantly obvious” and would therefore stand. The devs also offered their apologies to players unjustly barred from the game, and gave details on how to get in touch to challenge outstanding blocks.

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This issue follows on from multiple players taking to the Mordhau forums because they felt they had been banned unfairly.

Fortunately, players enjoying their newfound Lute God status should be unaffected. Marox said in his initial statement that “Using things like lute bot and other harmless applications have not caused these bans”. Phew – it’s good to know you can get out there and delight your fellow men-at-arms with some Despacito, with a clear conscience. Sort of.