Mordheim: City of the Damned shows us new campaign details in latest trailer


As the tactical, turn-based adaptation of Games Workshop’s tabletop RPG nears full release, some more details from its campaign portion are being released. 

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Mordheim: City of the Damned will have four different campaigns, one for each Warband: the human Mercs, the ratty Skaven, the honourableSisters of Sigmar and gimpy Cult of the Possessed. The campaigns will be penned by veteran Black Library author Clint Lee Werner.

While exploring the procedural maps, you will come across side quest that can be tackled to improve your soldiers, and you can encounter mythical monsters like the Chaos Ogre.

As well as encountering these unique beasts, there will be legendary warriors to call on and change the tide of battle with their special abilities.

See all that and more in the latest video:

Mordheim leaves Steam Early Access this month.