More changes are coming to Steam, including ominous groups of curators

Steam curators

Steam sleuths SteamDB spotted an update Valve pushed through the Steam Translation Server today, and it confirms some of the big changes coming to the store. 

They are meaty additions, like personalised front pages, a better search tool, changes to tabs and the introduction of curators, which seems to app features from social networks. 

The different features all seem to be tied together. The discovery queue allows folk to set preferences, which queues up games based on specific tastes. These games can then be followed or ignored.

Curators – they can be individuals or groups – make recommendations about games, even linking these recommendations to reviews. And like specific games, these curators can be followed.

The focus seems to be tied to making it easier for people to find games tailored to them or the groups they are in. And there’s the customisation of the front page too, where it will be possible to control what is displayed there, whether it’s DLC, new games, whatever is popular – there’s a pretty robust list of display choices.

Between this and the likelihood of Valve adding TV and music to the platform – and it’s blooming blue now – is all this change rocking you to your very core?