A new Mortal Kombat movie enters pre-production this month

The new Mortal Kombat title reboot will enter pre-production later this month and be filmed in South Australia

March 20, 2019 Warner Bros. has announced the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie’s release date.

Coming fresh off the hype from Mortal Kombat 11, it’s been confirmed that the long-anticipated reboot of the game’s film franchise is about to get underway, and a release date of March 5, 2021 has been set. The Mortal Kombat movie will enter pre-production later this month, and be filmed in South Australia, according to a tweet from reporter Mike Smithson.

Smithson says the movie will be led by producer James Wan (director of last year’s Aquaman) and commercial director Simon McQuoid, making his first foray into feature film direction. The current screenplay is by Greg Russo (of the upcoming film The Highwaymen), with Todd Garner (Tag) producing, and E. Bennet Walsh (Kill Bill vols 1 and 2), Larry Kasanoff (Mortal Kombat), Michael Clear (The Nun), and Sean Robins (Playing with Fire), joining as executive producers.

According to reporter Claire Campbell, the Mortal Kombat reboot will be the ‘largest movie ever filmed and produced’ in South Australia. Based on information from CBR.com, the main protagonist will be a new addition to the franchise’s long-established cast of characters: a former boxer called Cole Turner, who is recruited to join the ol’ gang in a battle to save the Earth from the forces of Outworld.

The Premier of South Australia, Steven Marshall, announced that the film will be made at Adelaide Studio’s sound stages. He says it is estimated to bring in around AUD $70 million to the region’s economy, and to create an estimated 580 jobs. As it’s early days, release date and casting details are not yet known.

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The original Mortal Kombat movie was released in 1995 and is known today mainly for Christopher Lambert’s, let’s call it iconic, portrayal of Raiden, which lives on today in many memes. It drew, at best, mixed reviews. Personally, we hope the reboot will be a Bloody Mess, but, y’know, in the Mortal Kombat sense, of course.