You can play as Mortal Kombat X’s non-playable characters on PC

mortal kombat x mod update rain new character warner brothers interactive

Mortal Kombat X’s already got the reputation of being a violent fighting game. You’ve fatalities where you tear out someone’s heart, carve them in two with a saw blade, and tear their head and spine out through their neck. Now, PC players have found out how to wear an NPC’s skin over the skeleton of another character.

You can take the NPC character Rain and wear his skin over whatever playable character you like.

See him in action in the video Redditor XVermillion created:

It’s a simple enough job, you simply need to replace one of Mortal Kombat X’s characters costume slots with Rain’s costume file. The next time you boot up the game your chosen character’s first costume will now be Rain.

Unfortunately, this will only change the look of the character, they will still have all the same moves as before.

You can find the full instructions over on Reddit.

I’ve my fingers crossed for modders to find out how to encode their own costumes into Mortal Kombat X’s file format so we might see some wholly new designed characters appear.

Cheers, PC Gamer.