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Mortal Shell comes to the Epic Games Store in two weeks

You'll have to wait until next year to get it on Steam though

Need some more Souls-like action in your life during these dreary days? If so, the good news is you won’t have to wait long as Cold Symmetry’s Dark Souls inspired RPG Mortal Shell comes out in two weeks. More precisely, the Mortal Shell release date is August 18.

The upcoming PC game is currently down as coming to The Epic Games Store, PS4, and XB1 on the given date. There’s no word on when Mortal Shell will hit Steam, but the game’s Steam page has it down for 2021. As the RPG is a timed exclusive, you can expect it to touch down on Valve’s platform around August 2021.

As for the game itself, Mortal Shell very much embraces its identity as a Souls-like. The developer describes the game as “a passion project from a small indie team united by one vision: to return people to that familiar, satisfying pain of a traditional Souls-like – deliberate, measured, and merciless”. That’s the vibe that Ian got, too. In his Mortal Shell preview, he said it “reminds you how you felt on your first Dark Souls run”.

Cold Symmetry ran a Mortal Shell open beta earlier this year that went over pretty well. One of the most promising things that came from it was that you could pet a cat, but less than half of Mortal Shell’s beta decided to do so. That’s very sad, don’t you need a bit of hope in these grim, Lovecraftian worlds?

Here’s the new Mortal Shell trailer to mark the release date:

YouTube Thumbnail

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