Topic of the Week: 2017’s most anticipated PC games


Right then, let’s get to it – what are going to be the best PC games of 2017? What have you already pre-ordered? What’s getting you a week off work? What, when it comes out and gets 7s from your favourite websites, will send you on a comment-section tirade, never to be published? Let us know.

Get some help with this topic in our list of all the upcoming PC games. There’s a lot.

Round the office it’s a diverse bunch of games about people shooting guns at each other, from Joel’s PC-agnostic Red Dead Redemption 2 to Phil deciding he’d like to be a cup for a bit in Prey. Rich is planning on spending time with Destiny 2, assuming it exists, while Dave wants to go wild in the Wildlands. We’re going to kill an awful lot of people in 2017.

Meanwhile I will be shooting space guns and thinking about space dongs in Mass Effect: Andromeda. It’s going to be a good year. How about you?

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