A streamer with 100 followers now has the most watched Twitch clip of all time

Outlast 2 Difficulty Reduced in Patch

One streamer has been catapulted to fame in 24 hours because he was terrified by his infant daughter while playing Outlast 2.

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JurassicJunkieLive was playing the horror game late at night, headphones on, when he was scared by a crow in the game. He looked down to his left and there was his infant daughter, staring up at him.

The streamer does his business from the loft, you see. His daughter was there to deliver him a cold can of Jack Daniels to calm the nerves. The combination of the loft setting, the crow jump scare, and the infant child being right there all added up to this:

So now a streamer with eight viewers on average has a clip with almost 1.5 million views. It’s all a bit reminiscent of that guy on the news whose daughter danced into the room. You know, this one: