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Watch: Mother Russia Bleeds, punches us until we throw up

mother russia bleeds let's play

They can’t all be cute spiritial adventures like Seasons After Fall. Sometimes you have to sit down, take a deep breath, and take a beating to neon lights and chiptunes. It’s a hard life doing Let’s Play videos, as is evident on the traumatised faces of Phil and Joel as they sit down to have super happy funtimes with Mother Russia Bleeds. 

Looking for more ultraviolence, but prefer to get closer to the action? Try our favourite FPS games, and stop going through our trash at night. 

In this side-scrolling brawler, stern men are made to fight each other and experimented on with luminous concoctions in syringes in a morally bankrupt vision of Cold War Russia. So actually, you can go ahead and put that part about super happy funtimes on a fire because this ain’t that.

Imagine playing Streets of Rage with a horror movie on somewhere in the background. That’s the vibe, basically. There are plenty of interesting stylistic choices here, but mechanically the 2D brawler is very much preserved in 1990s amber and functions just as you remember it.

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