Speedy strategy game Motorsport Manager is free to play until March 27 – it’s also 50% off

Motorsport Manager

If you fancy yourself as the boss of a Formula One racing team, Motorsport Manager can be the vehicle for that fantasy, and it’s free to try between now and March 27. 

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The title is free to try via Steam, for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Motorsport Manager will also enjoy a deep discount to the tune of 50% during this trial period, so you can grab it cheap if you fall in love.

Motorsport Manager is Football Manager for petrolheads, asking you to manage a team of drivers, research the tech for the cars, choose tactics, and even set the rules of the race by representing your team in the sport.

Players with low-spec PCs can also enjoy the game now, with an all-new 2D mode that lowers the requirements.

Head to the Motorsport Manager page on Steam if you fancy a spin.