Watch us play Motorsport Manager, the best game about rain and budget constraints ever

Motorsport manager let's play

In our latest Let’s Play, Phil and Joel take the reins of a prominent Italian racing team with red liveries – that’s right, the world-famous Scuderia Rossini. What an honour. Can the pair guide Dieter Wexler to glory? Or can they awaken the once indomitable skills of veteran Finn Niilo Saarinen?

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Facetiousness aside, Motorsport Manager is shaping up to be a hell of a game. It really doesn’t need the official licensing to convey the drama and glamour of open-wheeled motorsport, and it’s certainly got the depth too.

Success in the race comes, as Phil and Joel quickly discover, from careful pre-season planning in the factory and research facility. But it also comes from mid-race strategy changes, raw talent behind the wheel, fuel and tire management, and a bit of luck from the weather gods. It also helps if you don’t run out of fuel on the final lap.

The game’s due in September so there’s still a bit of time for Playsport to squash any existing bugs (like the aforementioned fuel glitch), but it’s well on the way to delivering a Football Manager-like experience that’ll satisfy in the long-term and excite in the minute-by-minute racing.

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