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Being unlicensed frees up Motorsport Manager creatively but the devs are open to licensing

Motorsport Manager

Playsport Games say they’d be open to creating a licensed version of Motorsport Manager, but being unlicensed makes them free to make the game more mechanically interesting.

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Speaking to us at EGX,Christian West, founder at Playsport Games, explained to us how being licensed is “something that [the studio are] open to”, but as it stands they’re enjoying the freedom afforded by not being shackled to a brand.

“We kind of enjoy having our own world and we can do a lot more with it,” West tells us. “It’s been really fun making our own tracks and the 3D artists get to have fun with it.”

He went on to say that if they want to put a street circuit in Cape Town, then they’ll very well put a street circuit in Cape Town. They could put a track on the moon if they wanted. What? It could be DLC. (He didn’t say that).

Either way, it’s nice to go somewhere unexpected, as it allows players to work out the tracks, rather than researching real-life tracks.

Then there are the game’s other systems.

“We’ve put our sort of political system in there,” West explains, “and so as a member of a team you’re on a voting board for the rules. So the rules can change year-on-year and you can try and work the rules into your favour – so if your car’s really good on straights, you can change the layouts so there are longer straights, you can also change points and the way prize money is distributed.

“In Formula One at the moment, the prize money sits at the top and the teams at the bottom don’t get too much. You can vote for that change. It’s interesting as a player to be put in that position, changing the rules of the sport. It can change significantly, so over 50 seasons of racing, everyone’s game should look quite different.”

Now we just need to talk Playsport into making that moon DLC…