Motorsport Manager brings strategic skidmarks to PC

Motorsport Manager

For anyone who’s ever wanted to run their own team of professional race cars, now’s your time. Motorsport Manager has released for both PC and Mac.

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It started life on mobile, but the PC version of Motorsport Manager has been rebuilt with the hardcore crowd in mind, letting players micromanage their own motorsport team, right through to influencing the rules of the race.

You’ll hire the drivers, research the tech, and build the cars. You’ll need to come up with everything from long-term strategy to race day tactics, eventually watching your plans unfold as your miniature cars speed around a track.

Motorsport Manager will be available on Linux soon, and Steam Workshop support will also follow launch. You can pick it up for PC and Mac on Steam now, for $34.99.

If you want to get an idea of what it’s like in your hands, check out our Motorsport Manager Let’s Play.