These Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord combat mods transform its skirmishes

Customise your clan and increase troop XP with these Bannerlord combat mods


The Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord release date only arrived earlier this week, but the action RPG game’s already garnered a pretty prolific modding community. There are already over 70 mods on Nexus as of this story, and while some are just good fun, there are some real must-haves ready to enhance the game’s combat, too.

Examples so far include NickMillion’s Troop XP multiplier option. This is pretty self-explanatory, adding a multiplier with variants of 2x, 5x, and 10x to the game’s troop XP calculation, giving you the chance to scoop up more. There are also mods for more projectiles and bandits, as well as an add-on by creator Maegfaer that increases the strength of settlement garrison militia, resulting in “harder siege assaults and hopefully less steamrolling”.

Thanks to the modding community, you can also now add female soldiers for all factions into the game, separate Imperial troop trees to change the makeup of the northern and western empires’ unit makeup, and unlock around 200 pieces of multiplayer armour in single-player. Sweet!

If you’re keen to go a bit deeper with some more significant tweaks and tinkerings, there’s a mod that unlocks all of the companions already lurking in Bannerlord’s game files, adding them to the game, as well as another wide-reaching mod that lets you “configure your clan“.

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This creation, by user BasvE, “is a customisable tweak mod” that lets players adjust “various components the way they want”. You’ll need to follow the instructions closely from the look of things, but it has plenty of scope to let you  to get everything set up the way you want in your game.

If skipping the chatter and getting on with the action sounds good to you, the community’s got you covered on the front, too. There are already mods that let you skip bandits’ dialogue or even add ‘fast dialogue‘ – an option that “removes loading screens from interactions with villagers, looters, and bandits”, according to creator Dallen.


There are more mods appearing every day, so be sure to take a look at Nexus mods here to see what’s out there.

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