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Mount & Blade 2 becomes Bannerlord of the Rings thanks to a modder’s tinkering

One modder has decided to get the Fellowship back together in Mount & Blade 2

The Fellowship of the Ring has got to be on any list of the top ten warbands. So it makes sense that it would show up in the latest Mount & Blade game, Bannerlord. One modder is making sure J.R.R.’s all stars are represented in Bannerlord, and you can see their work below.

The Fellowship of the Ring isn’t a standalone mod, per se, but rather some detailed character creation using mods. Reddit user Okoii uploaded a video clip of the gang set to a swelling cut from the films’ score, and sure enough, you’ve got the whole crew – even hobbits Frodo, Samwise, Merry, and Pippin. Okoii gets everyone lined up for their group shot, which turns into a real group shot as they’re pelted with arrows from some onrushing enemies. Look for the quick zoom-in on an ashen-faced Legolas, who seems like he’d rather be doing just about anything else.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord already has a thriving mod scene – no surprise, since mods have been the lifeblood of the series to date, and a big part of the reason Bannerlord’s early access release has become one of Steam’s early big hits of the year.

Here’s the clip:

Guess what group of fellows i made in Bannerlord. from mountandblade

Again, this isn’t its own mod you’re seeing, but rather the use of existing mods. You can use something like Detailed Character Creation by PoPoWanObi to shape your characters into similar configurations, and keep an eye on Project Ellenthall, an ambitious fantasy overhaul for the full game.

You’ll also want to bookmark our list of the best Bannerlord mods – we’ll be updating that as we find new ones that change the game in exciting ways.