How to increase your Bannerlord party size

Here's how to up your party size in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord


How do you increase your party size in Bannerlord? The latest Mount & Blade is finally here, after 11 years in the making. Bannerlord already has a ridiculous player count, so if you’re keen to develop your crew, but your party size is sub-par, here’s how to increase your party size in Bannerlord.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is now in Steam Early Access, and the community has already been busy creating mods for Bannerlord, as well as ensuring fans can access all the best cheats in the new Mount & Blade. If you’re storming into battle, or just milling around the map trying to make money fast in Bannerlord, but the size of your party just isn’t cutting it, here’s how to improve and increase the amount of members you can have.

You have a certain amount of slots in Bannerlord to fill up, and every unit, character, or companion takes up one slot. You’ve probably realised by now that it doesn’t take long until they’re all full, but there are ways to increase your party size to squeeze in more units.

How to increase your party size in Bannerlord


The easiest and quickest way to increase your party size is by purchasing the Quartermaster in Steward Skill and focus on keeping your party morale up. You can do this by feeding your soldiers a varied diet and winning battles.


Your clan tier dicates how many units you can have in your party size, increasing as you climb the tiers. If you want to progress your clan tier quickly, you can do this quickly by farming renown, so winning tournaments, completing quests, and spreading the good word of your name across the kingdom.

If you’re looking for other ways to keep your party fed and watered with a sizable profit income, then check out our guide on how caravans work in Bannerlord and setting up a workshop in Bannerlord.