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You don’t have to fight to get out of a Mount & Blade 2 siege alive

Mount & Blade 2 sieges offer plenty of options for defenders

Developer TaleWorlds has pushed Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord’s emphasis on siege battles pretty much from the start, but there’s still plenty we don’t know about how those fights will play out. Now, with a closed beta underway for a select group of players, the developers are offering a bit more insight on what your options are when a siege hits.

If you come under siege while low on resources in Bannerlord, you’ve got options that don’t necessarily involve throwing your soldiers against an army waiting in the field. Obviously, you can attempt to strengthen your defenses, outlast the siege, and fight back the invaders, or hope that reinforcements arrive before your hand is forced.

But you’ll also be able to make use of your tactics skill to break the siege and lead your forces away from the fight, mostly intact. You can also try to parley with the forces laying siege, and offer control of the keep in exchange for safe passage away from the battlefield.

If you’re coming in with reinforcements, you can similarly use the tactics skill to break the siege and reinforce the keep with fresh soldiers and supplies. Or you can lay siege to the siegers, harassing the enemy in the field to run down their supplies.

Of course, fighting is always an option, too. You can read more in the new developer blog.

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We still don’t have a Mount & Blade 2 release date, but that launch is inevitably creeping closer with each new detail TaleWorlds reveals.