Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord will have a working economy

Market prices in Bannerlord will reflect the events going on in the game, letting merchants take advantage of war.

While leading a band of warriors is the principal draw for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, it’s also going to be possible to play as a merchant, traveling from town to town selling your wares. TaleWorlds Entertainment says it has built a brand new economics system into the game, which models the way villages use goods and how that affects pricing.

In a new blog post on Steam, the developers explained that the original trade system from Mount & Blade was a bit too simplistic for what they wanted to do in Bannerlord. In its old form, villages in Calradia would consume a certain percentage of all available goods each day, without taking scarcity into account. But this isn’t really how things work. As TaleWorlds says, “When faced with a shortage, people don’t tend to politely reduce their consumption to a lower level, they rush to hunt for and grab the last item on the shelf, prying it from the hands of a nice old lady if needs be!”

The development team decided to build a new trade and economy system for Bannerlord, and they began by making a table that charts the goods that a typical town uses. Towns spend their budgets on things like grain, meat, and tools, and the prices for those items fluctuate depending on whether there’s a surplus or a scarcity.

Consuming those items alters the town’s stats, for example, consuming grain increases the food stores, while using tools increases productivity. TaleWorlds says this system means pricing has a huge impact on a town and its lord, since towns with access to cheaper goods will be able to gain bonuses much faster.

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That also allows the economics of the game to reflect the events going on in the world – wars will drive up prices for weapons and horses for example, and savvy merchant players will be able to spot the best opportunities based on what’s happening in Calradia.

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Naturally, players are still wondering about when the Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord release date is, and unfortunately there’s still no news on that front. We’ll be eagerly awaiting that announcement from TaleWorlds along with everyone else.