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TaleWorlds clarify that they won’t be releasing source code to the public for modding


Update: TaleWorlds have got in contact again to give an official statement on what will and won’t be released.

Community manager at TaleWorlds, Frank Elliot, got in contact to further clarify what the developer will be releasing to its community.

Here’s whatMount & Blade 2’s siegeslook like.

“When we said that we will reveal the source code for the engine, that was actually incorrect,” explains Elliot. “We are releasing our own tools, that we use internally for development but not the engine source. We are releasing a lot of scripting code that modders can get their hands on and change, in addition to providing a load of parameters which means they can tweak core parts of the game but not access the engine code directly.

“This means that, for instance, mounts can be changed, modders can add different skeletons for things like camels and elephants if they like. There is a whole load of extra modding capability of this sort which is expanded from the previous engine we used in Warband as well.”

TaleWorlds also apologises for any confusion caused.

Update June 17, 2016:Taleworlds have been in touch to add a clarification, saying they will make the code accessible to modders after the engine is complete.

“We are not making the game under an open-source license,” says Korneel Guns. “We are developing our engine in-house and that will be closed, along with basic aspects of the game.”

“We will then make our gameplay code accessible to modders, so they can extend or rewrite to suit their purpose.”

We’re not entirely sure how this statement will affect what Korneel said below, but we have emailed for clarification and will update once we have an answer.

Original Story June 16, 2016:Mount & Blade 2 is one of the most highly anticipated PC exclusives released in some time. A community has developed around the series over many years, and it’s as hardcore as any community on our home platform – to the point of making amazing mods despite a lack of tools. This go round, TaleWorlds have been thinking about modding since day one and plan for it to be a massive part of the game going forward.

“So in Warband we had mod support as well, which was quite restricted to the basic things we had because we were a very small team before,” says Korneel Guns, a programmer on the team. “But even there people were able to make very, very cool mods, from Star Wars to Game of Thrones to Lord of the Rings – anything you could imagine.

“Now with Bannerlord we’ve put mods at the front of our development since the start. We have made our own engine and will release our entire engine to the modders, along with the source code of the game. So they will be able to make whatever they want with the game.”

This announcement came at E3, and is exactly what you want to hear as a fan of the series. It’s such an open game with so many variables that modding it is an immediate want of anyone that plays it. Giving out the source code means folks will be creating some properly incredible stuff with it too – though it may take some time.

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