Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord trailer shows off fancy weather and crafting system

Mount & Blade 2

Epic-scale RPG Mount & Blade is returning in the form of a fully-fledged sequel. Bannerlord uses a brand new, shiny engine, and brings things like dynamic weather effects and destruction to the game. Take a look at the new trailer from Gamescom to see it all in action. 

TaleWorlds Entertainment have also added a new crafting system to the game, with swords being made up of individual pieces that presumably can be mixed and matched to create your own design.

There’s also a new action replay mode, which you can see being used in the trailer. You can see the game’s action from any angle, and record the footage.

The game is said to feature deeper quests with multiple outcomes, memorable characters, siege weaponry, improved AI, and motion captured dialogue.

As of yet, there is no release date set for the game.