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Mr. Shifty is Hotline Miami with teleporting-powered face punching

Mr. Shifty

Hotline Miami is a classic, but it’s not really a game about empowering the player. Sure, when you get good at it, you can churn through a room of goons in a few seconds in a balletic display of ultraviolence, but your spree could be ended at any second. You’re just a dude. An angry dude, yes, but a dude nonetheless.

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Mr. Shifty gives you a Get Out of Jail Free card: teleportation. That bullet about to hit you? Shift away. That dude on the other side of a wall? Shift through it and punch him directly in the face.

You can shift around battering dudes until your heart’s content, and doing so looks super fun.

The game has players attempting a heist of a secure facility, so those teleporting powers will certainly raise your chances. That’s not to say you’re overpowered, though – like in Hotline Miami, one shot will end you. Not if you’re sufficiently shifty though.

Mr. Shifty is currently discounted on Steam, so you can grab it for $13.49.