MSI issues recall for its 240R and 360R CPU liquid coolers

Problems with sediment build up within the AIO cooler is leading to higher idle temperatures on both AMD and Intel processors

The MSI MAG LQUIDCORE 240R and 360R AIO water coolers for gaming CPUs

MSI’s MAG Coreliquid products are among the best AIO coolers on the market, but the company has recently identified a potential fault with its 240R and 360R models that all users should be aware of. Thankfully, there’s no serious, immediate risk to gaming PCs and MSI aims to provide a “comprehensive product replacement service” to those affected.

Following a preliminary investigation, MSI has discovered that a “small portion” of its MAG Coreliquid 240R and 360R AIO water coolers are producing sediment, causing blockages that are impairing heat dissipation efficiency. This is leading to temperatures on the best gaming CPUs from both AMD and Intel rising to over 60°C while idle.

MSI is confident that this fault shouldn’t pose any danger to systems using the affected coolers, pointing to the protection mechanisms found on processors that protect against overheating. Regardless, the company advises that anyone who believes their AIO to be faulty should begin an RMA process where they will be provided with a suitable replacement, which you can start here.

If you’re unsure whether this affects you, check the serial number on your AIO and enter it on MSI’s RMA website. However, those with prebuilt gaming PCs should instead submit the serial number of the entire system.

Moving forward, MSI says that it will “work with [its] suppliers to thoroughly inspect all MAG Coreliquid 240R and 360R liquid coolers that may be potentially affected.” This should hopefully mean that these models won’t suffer these issues in the future.