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Multiversus free characters July 2024

Every week you can play as four different Multiversus free characters without having to spend any in-game currency or character tokens.

Multiversus free characters: Batman standing next to an enraged Shaggy as he emits a yellow glow

Which Multiversus free characters are available this week? If you’re starting for the first time, you don’t have access to the entire roster immediately unless you coughed up the cash for a Founder’s Pack during the beta. Fortunately, Multiversus allows players to try out four free characters that rotate weekly.

It’s important to note that any unlockable progress made using these Multiversus characters carries over once you permanently unlock them in the fighting game. While we can’t guarantee that the free trial fighters will be toward the top of the Multiversus tier list, there’s bound to be at least one decent enough option to give you a fighting chance in the current meta.

Which free characters are on rotation in Multiversus?

From May 28, 2024, to June 4, 2024, the free Multiversus characters on rotation are:

  • Wonder Woman
  • Bugs Bunny
  • LeBron James
  • Finn the Human

In addition to these characters being the current rotation selection, the free character you get for completing the tutorial is Shaggy. This reward has changed since the beta, as it was previously Wonder Woman that players would unlock. If you completed the tutorial during the beta, you’ll still keep Wonder Woman and can now unlock Shaggy.

That’s all you need to know about the Multiversus free characters on offer right now. We also have a list of upcoming Multiversus characters, as well as some dream picks for who we’d love to see on the roster. If you’re looking for something completely different, our free PC game list has a bunch of recommendations that won’t break the bank.