Multiversus leaks show Robin LeBron, Wonder Woman movie skins

Good news, Robin is coming to Multiversus... as a cosplaying LeBron James? Multiversus leaks reveal new skins for various characters, like movie Wonder Woman

LeBron James Robin is a Multiversus leaked skin

With the fighting game now out, more Multiversus leaks are rolling in that reveal some exciting new skins likely coming in season 1 – including a Wonder Woman movie skin and Batman’s partner Robin, who appears as a Space Jam cosplaying LeBron James skin.

Given the Super Warner Smash Bros game was revealed to the world through leaks, it’s natural the trend continues with likely upcoming Multiversus skins now the game is officially out and free-to-play – including new outfits for LeBron James, Bugs Bunny, Wonder Woman, Taz, and Arya.

The most notable is a Robin costume for LeBron James, as he sports in Space Jam: A New Legacy alongside Batman Bugs Bunny, who will probably come later. While it was datamined first, @multiversusie on Twitter spotted that Twitch apparently leaked the skin as well.

Beyond that, @aisulMV datamined multiple further skins. Harley Quinn’s The Suicide Squad outfit already appeared in the closed alpha, but the Wonder Woman 1984 golden armour is new. Bugs and Taz get their Space Jam uniforms alongside new looks for Arya and Finn.

Of course, other than release there’s a question about how much these skins are going to cost. While the free-to-play Multiversus microtransactions stuff is actually quite reasonable, some of the more popular skins are a little overpriced right now – like Batman and Harley’s animated series variant. We’ll have to wait and see.

Additionally, paid-for cosmetics such as skins are getting locked away when free characters rotate out, so be careful of that too.