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The best Multiversus mods - Sonic, Optimus Prime, Pepsiman?

The Smash Bros fighting game is officially out now, and Multiversus mods are already trickling in, including Sonic, Link, and... Pepsiman. Partial credit!

Pepsiman is a Multiversus mod now

Smash Bros competitor Multiversus is finally out today as a free game in open beta, and it’s already getting modded. The first Multiversus mods aren’t likely to change anything too radical – this is a live game, after all – but could add new skins, like Sonic the Hedgehog, Optimus Prime, or… Pepsiman?

To mod Multiversus, all you apparently have to do is go to your Multiversus game folder, then Content/Paks and create a new folder called ~mods – then put any mods in there. @UltIMa647 on Twitter is putting together some fun creations, like a cool black suit Superman and the weird Japanese mascot Pepsiman – who has his own Playstation game, incidentally.

While those aren’t available just yet, UltIMa647 isn’t the only one modding Multiversus – so let’s take a look at some of the best character creations available now.


Replaces Shaggy, a bizarre fit for the Fatal Fury character but never mind.

Optimus Prime

Replaces Iron Giant, one of the more natural-fitting replacements here.

YouTube Thumbnail


Replaces Superman. The beams make sense, we guess.


Replaces Wonder Woman, who fits well for the sword/shield combo that The Legend of Zelda star has.


Replaces Shaggy. C’mon modders, Taz was right there. When The Flash finally shows up this better get shifted over to him, as that’d be the perfect fit. Nevertheless, the model looks good, even if Sonic is really tall now.

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Batman Beyond

Batman skin in the style of the Batman Beyond animated series, which admittedly didn’t have a cape but this still looks tremendously cool. Hopefully it’ll be a real skin soon.

Injustice 2 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn skin, more in line with her darker Injustice 2 outfit. She’s already getting a The Suicide Squad-style outfit (it was in the alpha), and that was inspired by Injustice 2, so this may not be necessary soon.

Freddy Fazbear – Dreadbear or Glamrock

Two for the price of one. The Dreadbear model replaces Shaggy, and  Glamrock replaces Superman. We’re not sure which one is creepier.

You can check out PCGamesN’s impressions of Multiversus here, including thoughts on the surprisingly reasonable microtransactions. You can also find a ranked tier list of all fighters and the Multiversus system requirements, so you’re ready to go.