Multiversus Steam numbers hit new low, with daily players down 99%

Multiversus Steam figures reach a record low, as the cross-universe, Marvel, Rick and Morty fighting game struggles to find players on Valve’s PC storefront.

Multiversus Steam numbers hit new low, with daily players down 99%: A woman with face paint and an angry expression, Batman villain Harley Quinn, in fighting game Multiversus

Following a successful beta launch in July 2022, sadly, Multiversus Steam figures hit a record low this week, as the fighting game and one-time rival to the likes of Brawlhalla sees its daily player count down by more than 99%.

Featuring a slew of Marvel and DC characters, alongside animation stalwarts like Rick and Morty and Bugs Bunny, Multiversus looked like a guaranteed hit. Disappointment with its seasonal updates however, alongside criticisms regarding microtransactions, seem to have severely impacted its popularity on Valve’s PC storefront.

On Monday February 13, for the first time in its history, Multiversus failed to attract 1,000 concurrent Steam players, with the game peaking instead at 986 simultaneous users. As calculated in an original report by VGC, compared to its player base on release day – 143,000 on day one, over 153,000 on day two – this represents, specifically, a 99.3574% decline in Multiversus’ players in under seven months.

Despite launching with a strong character roster, Multiversus Season 2 has introduced only one new fighter in the form of Marvin the Martian. Some character variants are also locked behind costly paywalls, which may have contributed to players abandoning the game in favour of a more affordable fighter.

Multiversus Season 3 has meanwhile been delayed until March 31, with developer Playerfirst saying that it would extend Season 2 to help players “reach the end of the current battle pass.” Whether the third season of Multiversus will see the free game recover some of its Steam playerbase remains to be seen.

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