Multiversus tier list August 2022: best characters ranked

Check out this Multiversus tier list to see where the strongest DC Superheroes and villains stand against Cartoon Network and Looney Tunes characters

Multiversus tier list: Bugs Bunny is looking in an Acme box. Finn the Human is drawing his sword.

Are you looking for a Multiversus tier list? The Warner Bros fighting game is still in open beta with its release date delayed for the foreseeable future, with many players gaining access to its colourful cast of characters for the first time. Soon, we will know who the most powerful characters are, from DC Superheroes such as Batman and Wonder Woman to Cartoon Network favourites like Finn the Human and Steven Universe. We even have throwback characters from Warner Bros’ back catalogue of shows acquired over the years, including Shaggy and Velma from Scooby Doo.

With such an illustrious gathering of fighters, a Multiversus tier list was inevitable. Judging by other competitive multiplayer games, ranking these fighters goes beyond looking at their individual abilities. Multiversus focuses on team-based combat, with each fighter broken down into roles such as Bruiser and Tank. In order to create the definitive Multiversus tier list, we looked at how well each fighter interacts with their partner and how good they are on their own. If your roster is looking a little thin, take a look at our guide to unlock characters in Multiversus, so you can be sure to spend your hard-won currency on the best fighters in the game.

Multiversus tier list

There are currently 17 characters in Multiversus, each specialising in a particular role in 2v2 combat. Just like any good RPG game, Multiversus splits each character into three roles: Bruisers, Assassins, and Mages as the damage dealers, Supports that buff the whole team, and Tanks that absorb lots of blows. Right now, the game is balanced heavily in favour of most Assassins and Bruisers, but there are notable exceptions.

Here is our Multiversus tier list:

  • S-tier: Finn the Human, Bugs Bunny, Batman, Harley Quinn
  • A-tier: Shaggy, Jake the Dog, Tom and Jerry
  • B-tier: Reindog, LeBron James, Superman, Steven Universe, Wonder Woman, Taz
  • C-tier: Garnet, Velma, Arya Stark
  • D-tier: Iron Giant

Multiversus tier list: Harley Quinn stands in a Multiversus battle stage beside her Jerk-in-the-Box bomb


Finn the Human

Finn is a complicated fighter, but it looks like the best players are beginning to learn his intricate moveset. Like his canine companion, Finn’s regular attacks have armour-breaking properties, but his specials make him stand out. Each one of Finn’s regular attacks spits out a coin – if Finn collects enough coins, he gains instant access to powerful abilities.

He can purchase new temporary gear with his Down-Special, or swing around his backpack with his Up-Special, which becomes more powerful if he has lots of coins. The hit boxes on these special attacks change depending on the number of coins you have, causing some of Finn’s attacks to become practically invulnerable. Unless an upcoming balance patch addresses his broken hit boxes, Finn will remain dominant for some time. We have a Finn perks and combos guide here if you want to learn this character.

Bugs Bunny

The most famous Looney Tunes character bar none, the wisecracking ‘Wabbit’ is one of only two Mage class characters in Multiversus. He can generate dynamite, rockets, falling safes, and custard pie-flinging robots, making him a more reliable projectile thrower than Tom and Jerry. Since many characters easily counter projectiles, Bugs’ ability to annoy enemies with a constant barrage of yeeted bric-abrac makes him a useful distraction in 2v2 fights. Despite going through some nerfs in the most recent balance update, Bugs’ massive combo potential cannot be ignored, making him an easy S-tier pick.


The Dark Knight will always be one of the coolest superheroes in the DC universe, and his arsenal of gadgets makes him a powerful vertical Bruiser. His basic moves can cripple foes for a short time as they inflict the Weakened status, while his specials range from remote explosives and hook guns to a smoke bomb that substantially slows down enemies and buffs allies. Bruce Wayne’s alter ego might be the perfect fighter for you if you can learn how to juggle enemies.

Harley Quinn

Currently the best Assassin class character in the game, Harley has plenty of tricks up her sleeve. She can throw explosives that detonate remotely, giving her some versatility in comboing attacks. If she inflicts the ‘Confetti’ status onto an enemy using her knockback attacks burns the enemy, damaging them for a short time. Her main drawback is that Assassins are fragile, taking 14% more damage than other classes. Still, Harley should be fine providing you can stay out of danger, which she can do with ease thanks to her move set.

Multiversus tier list: Shaggy is going "Ultra Instinct" by channelling his rage.



Since Ultra Instinct Shaggy became a meme, we somehow knew that Scooby’s cowardly companion was hiding his true power. As the most balanced fighter on the roster, his moves are not too dissimilar from other ‘Shoto’ fighting game characters. He can conjure and launch sandwiches like fireballs, has a powerful uppercut, and his flying kick is sort of like Ryu from Street Fighter’s Hurricane Kick. Shaggy can also charge his inner power to become ‘enraged’, giving him armour and applying the Weakened debuff to any enemies he hits. The only thing holding Shaggy back is that he doesn’t really interact with his teammates. Aside from the small amount of healing allies gain if they touch one of Shaggy’s sandwiches, he doesn’t bring much to the partnership outside of raw damage.

Jake the Dog

As a Bruiser, you wouldn’t expect Jake the Dog to help out much, but he does have regular attacks that specialise in breaking armour. His Up-Special can block enemies from returning to the ground by knocking them back on contact, while his Down-Special reflects projectiles and bounces anyone off him if they get too close. While his attack power is not quite as strong as the S-tier characters, he’s a more versatile fighter you shouldn’t sleep on if you’re playing 2v2 matches. Jake’s range of abilities means he should have even matchups against most of the cast. There’s no character in the game that directly counters Jake’s moveset, placing him firmly in A-tier.

Tom and Jerry

It’s quite a spectacle to watch Tom swing a massive hammer at Jerry, only for the mouse to dodge in the last second, as Tom hits the enemy instead. There are a lot of characters in Multiversus with direct counters to projectiles, so you need to use your tools carefully. Tom and Jerry’s potential as a high-tier character largely depends on how well you can mix up your projectile usage – if you can become unpredictable, Tom and Jerry are monsters in the right hands. In 2v2, Tom and Jerry are even stronger as Tom can throw Jerry to an ally who can pick them up for a strength and speed bonus. That said, Tom needs Jerry to execute some of his attacks, so striking that balance is tricky.

Multiversus tier list: Wonder Woman lifting weights and yawning.



Reindog is the only original character in Multiversus, and if you ask me, doesn’t fit with the vibe of the rest. He is, however, by far the best Support character class thanks to his powerful specials. These attacks inflict all sorts of different status effects on himself, his allies, and his enemies, all of which benefit the team. His Down-Special gives projectiles the Ignited status ailment, making him a perfect fit with Mage characters, while his Up-Special works well with every other class in the game. He’s a high-priority target in 2v2 fights, though, since his abilities are so good at bolstering his partner.

LeBron James

As a mix of Bruiser and Mage classes, LeBron can be difficult to deal with for new players as his basketball skills make him rather unpredictable. When he loses his basketball, he can either wait to call for another ball or hit an opponent with a melee attack to steal one back. This basketball-less form of LeBron is where he’s most vulnerable, as his attacks have far less range and power. However, his combo potential with the basketball is frightening, as a well-timed Side-Special will slam dunk his opponent, launching them into the sky.


You’d think the Man of Steel would be a Bruiser class, but he’s not. Superman is, in fact, one of the few Tanks in the game worth considering. Not only can he take a lot of hits thanks to almost all of his regular attacks granting him armour, but he also has remarkable stage recovery options as his aerial Side-Special sends him flying across the map. In addition, his Neutral-Special can freeze enemies, leaving them vulnerable to powerful charge attacks from your allies.

Steven Universe

As a Support class fighter, Steven uses the power of positivity to inflict many status effects on both allies and enemies. He’s tough to hit as the bubbles he creates while dodging features armour that absorbs multiple hits between him and his teammates. His Down-Special heals allies and also makes a Watermelon Steven that attacks enemies for a short time. That said, the distraction can help you set up more shields and bubbles to protect your ally. So long as you’re not expecting to knock out foes, Steven is a good option.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman can be a decent choice as a mix of a Tank and Support character. Her Neutral-Special is a lasso that can bring back allies in danger of being knocked off. In addition, she can create platforms and shields that allies can hide behind with her Up and Side-Specials, and cleanse allies of debuffs with her Down-Special. Finally, since many attacks give her armour or reflect projectiles, she can power up with her Amazon Shout attack that blasts enemies away. She may not have much power, but her versatility is great for 2v2 fights.


The Tazmanian Devil’s speed and damage output can make him difficult to deal with. His quick individual attacks apply the ‘Tasty’ status ailment, turning enemies into cooked chickens that can’t attack when the gauge fills up. Hitting enemies while they’re in this state breaks off chicken wings, healing Taz and his allies should they pick them up. His Side-Special got a big nerf this last patch, and with more nerfs coming, his time at the top of the table is over. Taz also suffers in the air due to his limited moveset, but at least his ground game is decent.

Multiversus tier list: Garnet is riding a very small car with eyes.



Garnet is fine, but nothing special compared to the other Bruisers in the game. She combines some of Steven Universe’s status-inflicting abilities with hard-hitting moves to deal lots of damage. Unfortunately, she’s pretty slow, especially when recovering from using her neutral attacks, leaving her vulnerable to counter-attacks.


Velma has the most unorthodox fighting style for any character in the game right now, sharing many traits with Phoenix Wright in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Several of her regular attacks have the chance to generate evidence, which, when you gather enough of it, will summon a Police Car to lock up an enemy and drive them off the edge. When Velma isn’t ratting out her enemies to the cops, her other abilities inflict freezing, give allies armour and grey health, and even reduce cooldowns. She’s difficult to use, though, and particularly vulnerable to rush-down strategies from both Bruiser and Assassin types.

Arya Stark

She might have one of the coolest-looking abilities – stealing faces from opponents to temporarily transform into them – but Arya’s combination of being an Assassin and a melee-focused fighter is a problem. Because Arya regularly gets close to foes, she’s more likely to get hit and takes more damage from hits. She can make up for it by frequently dodging attacks to apply the ‘Disorient’ ability, which causes the next melee attack to break armour and flip the enemy to face away from Arya. Since she gets a damage bonus for back attacks, this can be useful. She also spawns a pie to heal allies and slow down enemies that run into it. However, in the time it takes to master these abilities, you could master one of the better Assassins in the game instead.

Multiversus tier list: Iron Giant is smashing a car, while Velma looks unimpressed.


Iron Giant

Listed as an experimental fighter in the character select screen, it’s clear that Iron Giant is mismatched. This robot is just too darn big. Iron Giant can hit everything and take a lot of damage before being knocked off the stage, but he’s an open target because he’s the size of a house. He’s also far slower than everyone else, and while his attacks inflict a lot of different status ailments, there are better Tanks in the game to master. If two people on the same team choose to play as Iron Giant simultaneously, however, they can be formidable, but the likelihood of that is slim at best.

Multiversus tier list: several characters fighting near a treehouse in the Adventure Time universe. Jake is a horse, Batman is aiming a gun at Harley Quinn who is firing confetti, and Arya Stark is throwing a dagger at Jake.

The best free Multiversus character

Judging by our very own tier list, the best free Multiversus character right now is Finn the Human. What makes Finn stand out is his impressive movement which features some strong attacks with a surprising amount of range.

When utilised correctly alongside Finn’s speed boots and the correct perks, Finn can become the fastest character in the game. This makes him very difficult to fight against, as it can be difficult to land attacks on Finn without using projectiles. To top it off, Finn’s Up Special is devasting when he picks up several coins thanks to the awkward hit box. Not only does this attack have the potential to knock players out of the stage easily, but it’s also difficult to counter as the hit box becomes distorted depending on the number of coins you possess.

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With plenty of new Multiversus characters rumoured or confirmed to be coming to the game soon, expect this Multiversus tier list to change quite a bit in the coming weeks and months ahead. For now, why not check out the best Multiversus perk list, everything about Multiversus crossplay, or learn how to get Multiversus toast. Want free stuff? Check out our free Multiversus codes to see what you can redeem.

We’ve also got details on how to get a GameCube controller to work with Multiversus. Finally, we also have plenty of other choice selections for the best free PC games if this Super Smash Bros clone isn’t right for you.