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Murdered: Soul Suspect footage shows what dullards the living are over 25 minutes


I never expected that LA Noire might spawn a genre, but I’m not sorry to see that it has. Murdered is a third-person crime scene investigator that pleasantly surprised Rob at E3. In it, you’ll be unpleasantly surprising the living by walking straight through them in the course of solving your own killing. If you’d like to watch 25 minutes of that sort of thing, hop right in.

At last, a narrative conceit that excuses clipping issues! Ronan O’Connor is a ghost, and as such passes straight through your mortal objects – though disappointingly (if sensibly), ghost rules mean he can’t pass through external walls. In the demo, he slips into the house in which his murder was committed by following a still-living cop through its front door. Take a look:

The writing seems a tad plodding to me, but deliberately so, as if slowly building its case at a pace the player can follow. Similarly, I share Rob’s misgivings about the combat – as in, why should it exist? – but am relieved to see that the game’s “holistic design” approach extends to its demons, forcing the player to plan and execute attacks rather than slice away at health bars.

Thematically and mechanically, Murdered looks like it’ll explore the gulf of knowledge between the living and the dead, which should prove a bottomless well of dramatic irony. All in all, it’s a fascinating game. Any thoughts?