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Murdered: Soul Suspect launches; can you solve the mystery of the haunted fedora?

Murdered: Soul Suspect launch

Crikey, this Murdered: Soul Suspect launch trailer has a lot of cuts and flashes. But then, being dead probably isn’t very pleasant, and the trailer should reflect this. The spooky adventure game is out today in North America, with it launching on the 6th over here in Blighty. 

If serial killers or chaps in silly hats is your cup of tea, take a gander at the trailer below. 

Soul Suspect spins a yarn of murder and closure. Ronan O’Connor, aside from having an almost comically Irish name, is a cop. He’s also a dead cop. Shot by a serial killer, and unable to pass on to the afterlife until he hunts him down and solves his own murder.

All Ronan has are his spectral powers, a wee sidekick and his trusty fedora.

Twitter’s telling me it’s a bit of a mixed bag, but I do so love my adventure games. It looks like L.A. Noire, but with ghosts! It could be terrible and I’d still want to play.