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Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer tackles the man doing the murdering: the Bell Killer

Hang on: that is a bell. Mystery solved, case closed.

As the recently deceased detective Ronan O’Connor, you’re responsible for a good half of the haunting going on in the once-sleepy streets of Salem. The other half is well-covered by the Bell Killer – so named because… well, we don’t know. In a move considered deeply unhelpful by local newswriters, this serial killer’s never killed the same way twice.

Perhaps in a Silent Hilly twist, that pointed hood will drop to reveal a church bell in the place of a head. Hopefully not. Rather, this trailer has a relatively grounded Black Dahlia vibe to it.

Please, please don’t let the killer be another ghost. If Airtight Games drop a third-act David Cage over us, I swear I’ll scream like the poor lady in the video.

Soul Suspect could go either way, really. Its brave if slightly clunky concept sees us inhabit the translucent blue body of Boston area cop O’Connor as he follows his own killer’s trail.

From there, it’s mostly stealth and playing Lassie to the living. Its reference points look to be LA Noire, Heavy Rain, and the old adventure series’ both those games were indebted to.

Murdered: Soul Suspect pleasantly surprised our Rob at E3, and its developers delighted our Steve by telling him that ghosts are real. But will it win over players not from the immediate Boston area / so easily distracted by ghost stories?