My Friend Pedro’s gameplay trailer is like a 2-D Max Payne with proper dual-wielding

My Friend Pedro

A sneak peek of gameplay from Devolver Digital’s latest pick-up My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bananas shows dual-wielding, high-flipping 2-D action with slow-mo dives to rival Max Payne.

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The game is still in development, with zero release dates to speak of on Steam, but the gameplay alone looks like the standard fast-twitch hypermurder fodder Devolver have built their indie empire on.

Developed by Deadtoast, MFP is a fully leaded version of their 2014 web game of the same name on Newgrounds, looking a bit like the off-bike bits of Trials: Blood Dragon (but good) mixed with that scene in Kick-Ass when Hit-Girl murders everything while doing kickflips off walls and stuff (but better).

See the teaser below, and marvel at a game that has discovered how best to capture the coolness of using two guns at the same time to shoot at two different targets without requiring some sort of corpus callosotomy.