Watch us play the utterly unhinged but maybe possibly brilliant My Summer Car

My Summer Car gameplay

How do you spend your summers? Loafing in the sunshine enjoying barbecues with friends and loved ones? Travelling foreign countries imbibing a new and exotic cultures? Sat inside with the curtains drawing playing Football Manager for 18 hours a day?

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Or do you spend them in desolate Finnish countryside drinking beer, urinating liberally, eating entire packs of sausages in one go, and attempting to build a car from its component parts?

If it’s the latter then My Summer Car will seem routine to you. For the rest of us, this is a slice of Early Access madness – equal parts The Sims, DayZ, Jalopy, and literal toilet humour.

There’s permadeath, there’s no guidance whatsoever, there’s a button that lets you give people the middle finger, and there’s a car that needs building right down to having to attach spark plugs and wire up the dashboard.

And it’s honestly even more bizarre than all that. Just watch the video and you’ll see what we mean, as Joel and Jordan get confused, excited, and quite scared in quick succession.

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