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Stardew Valley like My Time at Sandrock multiplayer hits “this year”

While some players were disappointed that the chill Stardew Valley city-builder My Time at Sandrock multiplayer wasn't at launch, it'll be out later this year

While some players were disappointed that the My Time at Sandrock multiplayer side wasn’t ready for launch this month, developer Panthea confirms that the chill Stardew Valley-style city-building game will add online play for up to four players “by the end of this year”.

The sequel to 2019’s My Time at Portia released last week on Steam Early Access, and going by Steam player counts it has already been a tremendous success. However, some players may have been taken off-guard by the lack of a multiplayer mode, which the developer previously confirmed was always the plan for the sequel.

In a new video, developer Panthea outlines its My Time at Sandrock multiplayer roadmap for 2022, and states that the plan is to release it as an update later this year. The team aims to hold global tests for all players in late August/early September and in October, so it seems likely the game’s online side will be added in November or December 2022 – with support for up to four players.


The developer says that the multiplayer is set in a “small, pre-Sandrock town working together to build the strongest Commerce Guild in the entire Eufaula Desert”. There will be quests, and as soon as any player takes a commission all players can contribute to it. There are fewer NPCs but it will still be connected to the single-player side’s plot, so players will need to play both to get “the complete story”.

You can check out the full roadmap video below, including a trailer for the multiplayer mode.

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As for the current single-player version of My Time at Sandrock, if you need help with romance options check out our handy guide at that link.