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N++’s free Ultimate Edition update doubles its level count and adds Hardcore mode

N++ Ultimate Edition

Bringing its level count up to a staggering 4340, developer Metanet have just released their Ultimate Edition update for N++ on Steam. This completely free update adds 2170 extra levels, alongside Hardcore mode, additional ninja headbands to wear and more.

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Originally toying with making this sizeable add-on paid DLC, Metanet decided to make this new content free and rename the base game to N++ Ultimate Edition. The reasoning behind this choice is to “encourage more people to try N++”, as they reckoned that such a massive free update may tempt players into giving their platformer a go. With so many levels to complete, I think Metanet may be correct in saying that N++ is “truly the last platformer you’ll ever need to buy.”

What’s more is that none of these levels are procedurally generated, with Metanet hand crafting each of the 4340 levels that are now in N++ Ultimate Edition. For those battle-hardened ninja who are looking for an extra challenge, N++’s new Hardcore mode keeps the clock ticking between each failure, alongside counting every death. If you want to reach the top of the leaderboard, you’ll have to be perfect when speedrunning through these new levels. I wonder how long a complete run of N++ would take with all of these extra stages.

Metanet have also added 60 new colour schemes, a bunch of new ninja headbands and some additional secrets for those eagle-eyed shinobi. There are certainly plenty of places they could hide these new secrets, so it may take a while to find them all.

To further entice new players into picking up N++ Ultimate Edition, it is on sale for 50% off at $7.49/£5.49. Be warned that this sale only lasts until tomorrow at 6pm BST so hop to it if you are looking to sink your teeth into this massive platformer.