Nanoleaf’s latest LED lights fit above your gaming PC and in your bedroom

Following on from Nanoleaf Shapes and Elements, Nanoleaf Lines is a more professional smart lighting kit

Nanoleaf lines light up a gaming room

While Nanoleaf might be best known for its modular, RGB LED smart lights that frequently appear in your favourite Twitch streamer’s cam, the company has made a concerted effort to cater to less gamerfied areas of your home in recent months. Following Nanoleaf Elements, which gently flicker warm white light above your fire, the latest product is called Nanoleaf Lines and it looks like an art installation.

Nanoleaf teased its Lines series during its Live Spring 2021 presentation in June, with many speculating it’ll take the form of light bars that sit above your gaming monitor akin to the Govee Glide wall light or the Lifx Beam. Instead, Lines are lighter and thinner backlit panels that beam diffused light at the wall or ceiling they’re mounted to, creating an aura-like glow.

The lights are modular and attach in 60-degree increments, so you can’t frame your photos with them but you are able to create an assortment of geometric shapes. Each light has two addressable sections, so you can blend colours on the RGBW spectrum, and you can switch between scenes on-the-fly to suit any mood. As usual, Nanoleaf includes 19 preset scenes to choose from, some of which even dance to your music or sync to your screen, but you can give it a personal touch by creating and uploading your own if you have the time.

Like Nanoleaf Shapes, Lines connects to your WiFi and you can control it via the smartphone app, with a physical controller, or through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit voice commands. It also acts as a Thread Border Router for Nanoleaf Essentials – and eventually other Thread-enabled devices pending an update – strengthening their connection so they’re uniformly more responsive to your instructions.

Nanoleaf Lines fit seamlessly into a bedroom with white lights

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You can pre-order the Nanoleaf Lines Starter Kit ahead of its November release date, which includes nine lights for $199.99 / £179.99. There will be a 15-light Starter Kit available in the near future. Whichever you purchase, you can add more later with the $69.99 / £49.99 expansion pack that includes three lights. And if you’re not happy with the white colour of the strips, Nanoleaf also sells stress-free snap-on face plates that come in pink or black for $19.99 / £17.99.