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Naraka Bladepoint Season 13 update launches with new map and weapon

Battle royale Naraka Bladepoint launches its new map Perdoria alongside the Fistblades weapon as Season 13 begins in the free Steam game.

Naraka Bladepoint update brings new map and weapon to the free Steam battle royale - A woman with black hair, one red eye, and one yellow eye.

While Counter-Strike 2 and Dota 2 show that Valve is still the champion of Steam, one of the biggest free games continues to hold its own against challengers such as Elden Ring and The First Descendant. A new Naraka Bladepoint update kicks off the stylish battle royale game’s thirteenth season in glorious fashion, with a sprawling new map to explore and another weapon to add to your collection of tools.

Naraka Bladepoint Season 13 ‘Aeon’ is the latest major update for the free-to-play battle royale game. Its focal point is a new map, Perdoria, a stunning region that spans royal gardens, ruined imperial tombs, a sinister workshop in the mountain peaks, the mechanical city of Skygaze Gove, and the beautiful Twilight Pass, where “the corpse of god breeds the most bizarre forms of life.”

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That’s quite the range, and the new Naraka Bladepoint map is packed with gameplay features to keep you on your toes as well. Certain regions offer a range of buffs or powerful equipment to claim and there are plenty of interactable objects to discover, including giant catapults to launch yourself across long distances, barges that cover sections of the map in celestial fire, and statues you can hide in to surprise your foes or lose a pursuer.

The update also introduces a new Naraka Bladepoint weapon, the Fistblades. This pair of gloves feature Wolverine-style claws with a range of martial skills that allow you to quickly rushdown enemies with dashes, rapid blows, and flying kicks.

Naraka Bladepoint new weapon Fistblades - A amn using two gloves with long spiked claws.

There are plenty more goodies to grab too, starting with a limited-time event throughout July encouraging you to explore the new region. You’ll also be able to gain additional rewards in the PvE showdown and survival modes, along with a range of new cosmetic items in the Season 13 treasure scroll.

Naraka Bladepoint Season 13 is out now, and you can play the game for free on Steam. You can read through the full list of changes and additions courtesy of 24 Entertainment if you want to get completely up to speed before jumping in.

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