NBA 2KVR Experience brings b-ball to your eyeballs in VR

NBA 2KVR Experience

2K are releasing a game tomorrow that is both a VR basketball experience and an extended, premium advertisement for Gatorade. Honestly. There’s even a trailer up there, look. 

Since it’s out tomorrow, there’s not much point in adding this one to our upcoming PC games list. 

It’s a standalone game that will set you back $15, which gives you access to various basketball-themed minigames, from time trials to skill challenges.

The action takes place on the Indiana Pacers’ court alongside the Pacers’ Paul George, 2K17’s cover star. George provides commentary and serves as a guide through various skill-improvement exercises.

It’s very mobile game-esque, with in-game Gatorade for sale, which you can use to trigger stat boost bonuses. You can actually pick it up for Samsung Gear VR, though, so it’s no big surprise that it shares some DNA with mobile games.

NBA 2KVR Experience releases tomorrow, November 21, for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR.