Need For Speed Unbound customisation gameplay heightens racing games

Some new Need For Speed customisation gameplay for Unbound shows how you can turn your car into a technicolour wonder in the street racing game

Need for Speed customisation gameplay takes racing games to next level: two characters stand in front of some cars

Some Need for Speed customisation gameplay for the newest entry in the racing game series has been released, and it shows some over-the-top effects to go with the new aesthetic of Need For Speed Unbound.

A clip below shows how the graffiti and street art-inspired visual effects integrate into not just your modded up car, but the world around you too. Effects like tyre smoke, art that gets kicked up from wheel friction, tags that appear above your vehicle, and a series of flashes related to things like boosts are all shown off, seriously putting the Unbound in Need For Speed Unbound.

You can check out the new Need For Speed customisation gameplay from Unbound below.

The official Need For Speed Twitter account adds that “yes, you can turn the effects off. In fact, you can choose to never put them on in the first place. Just like any other part of a car.” So don’t worry if these customisation effects seem like too much for you, they can easily be switched off.

This Need For Speed customisation gameplay comes as the series takes a sharp turn into a more stylised than realistic visual style. You can also “access a new toolkit of high-energy visual and sound effects to express your driving skills,” adds EA.

“Need for Speed Unbound features an all-new, unique visual style blending elements of street art with the most realistic looking cars in the franchise’s history,” says an EA press release. “As players ride through the city, they’ll bring graffiti to life as part of this new art style using a brand-new toolkit of high-energy gameplay, visuals, and sound effects.”

The Need For Speed Unbound release date is currently set for December 2 for consoles and PC, which follows a truly surprising announcement. It’ll also be the first time the series sits at 4K and 60FPS as well.