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Need for Speed trailer shows off five innovations

Need for Speed 2015

EA and Ghost Games are almost at the finish line with Need for Speed. Before release though, they want to show off the five gameplay innovations they’ve created that make their new entry in the racing series stand out from the crowd.

Need for Speed is all about gaining reputation and bragging to rival players, and you can gain rep in five different ways: Speed, Style, Build, Crew, and Outlaw.

You’ll gain Speed rep by doing the obvious and driving fast and winning races. On the way to the finish line, you can gain some Style rep by drifting around corners and adding some flair to your driving technique. Gathering Build rep will require you to customise your car and add a variety of additions. Head out and drive alongside other players in a Crew for more bonus points, and get into tussles with the cops for Outlaw rep.

With your reputation high, the heavyweights of the racing world will start to know you’re someone worth paying attention to.

Need for Speed releases November 3rd.