Nemesis, the Greek god of vengeance joins SMITE, and we’ve some codes to give away

Nemesis added to SMITE

Smite has now been released. Try the game for free here, check our Smite guide and our Smite review.

Hi-Rez’s god-bashing MOBA, SMITE, just increased its pantheon with a big update earlier today. Nemesis, the Greek god of revenge joins the roster of angry deities. Nemesis’ pet peeve is hubris, and she’s tired of punishing people by making them stare at their own reflections until they die. Who has time for that anymore? Now she’s content with beating other gods up.

Because we’re lovely, we’re giving away five codes that unlock Nemesis straight away, along with her alternate skin, No Mercy. But you’re going to have to work for it.

Nemesis lugs a big sword around with her and has a mix of AoE and dash abilities as well as a handy temporary shield. This convenient power blocks incoming damage while healing Nemesis and also reflects damage back to enemies and minions.

As well as bringing Nemesis into the ranks, the update adds a new Winter Olympics skin for Athena because that’s a thing that’s happening soon. You can get the skin by purchasing the Red Star Athena skin before February 24th. After this, the Winter Olympics skin will vanish.

There’s a massive list of fixes and changes in the update, and you can check out the entirety of them here.

Now for the good stuff: free divine skins. If you want a code, slap down some words in our comment section. But not just any old words, though. Tell us what mythological deity you want to see next in SMITE, and come up with at least one ability for it.

Smite has now been released.Try the game for free here, check ourSmite guideand ourSmite review.