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NEOTOKYO mod sees full Steam release, and it's free


NEOTOKYO began as a mod for Half-Life 2: a first person shooter set within future Japan. After being Greenlit almost over two years ago, it’s finally found itself with a full release on the Steam store, and best of all it’s free. It boasts a futuristic take on combat thanks to the cybernetically enhanced soldiers such as motion detection and thermal vision.

The mod has been in production since October 2004 and was greatly influenced by iconic animes such as Ghost in the Shell and Akira. That influence has made its mark on the environments where NEOTOKYO takes place: futuristic Japan.

It’s a squad based first person shooter which emphasises and rewards coordinated team work. Picking from three different classes (support, recon and assault) players can choose their preferred role and playstyle. Recons have high mobility and are hard to detect thanks to their camo. Assault have access to thermal vision and frag grenades. Supports meanwhile move slowly and can’t sprint, but pack heavy armour.

You can find out more about NEOTOKYO over on their website, and download the game from Steam for free. Here’s a video tutorial on the basics of playing the game to help you get started:

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DeltaForce95 Avatar
3 Years ago

I played this years ago when it was still a mod. Any chance you guys are going to review it to see if it's worth replaying? Realize its not a game but I'd imagine mods should get the same treatment if they are this big in scope.

ConcreteShelter Avatar
3 Years ago

A good Counter Strike varation with an incredible OST. For anyone that might be interested, here's the link for the OST

I hope this is not advertising, the OST is also for free on another site but I don't remember which one.

Prime Avatar
3 Years ago

I tried it yesterday and there was only two servers near me with good ping and they were all full. Took ages to join so I gave up in the end. Hopefully they add more servers. I think I saw some password protected EU servers which hopefully will go live.

Nick Wilson Avatar
3 Years ago

I saw they had issues yesterday with the server browser, but that they've been fixed. Might wanna give it a second try!