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"A lesson has been learned" - Youtuber who ran illegal gambling site speaks up

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Craig "Nepenthez" Douglas, co-owner of Fifa gambling site FUTGalaxy.com has spoken out for the first time since pleading guilty to gambling offences, costing him £91,000 ($113,668) in fines. He had promised to provide a no-holds-barred explanation of his side of the story, but opted not to on the advice of his lawyers who warned that it might land him in yet more legal trouble.

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Speaking in a video on his Youtube channel, the gamer turned entrepreneur stated simply that “a lesson has been learned. A very valuable lesson. It wasn't like I set out to break the law," he continued, "but I do have to accept the judgment of the courts, which I do fully, and I did break the law. I've been punished for that."

Along with his partner Dylan Rigby, Douglas was found guilty of breaking several UK gambling laws. However the website is still in operation internationally and although it has been blocked in the UK, can easily be accessed via a proxy. Much of the dialogue surrounding the case centered around the issue of children using the site to gamble, with judge Jack McGarva asserting that “children were gambling on your site. It's impossible for me to know how many or the effect on them.” Certainly, the UK Gambling Commission’s case hinged heavily around the issue of children and their access to the site.

While Douglas has been extremely apologetic, his fans seem to have remained universally loyal, with many of them echoing sentiments such as “all you did was make a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes.”

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panbient avatar
panbient Avatar
1 Year ago

Why is this site giving this clown so much free press?

The last article got updated (and bumped to the top of the page) a half dozen times. He didn't make a mistake as evidenced by his twitter response dismissing age limit concerns as an annoyance.

I mean sure this situation is relevant to gaming as a whole but why are you linking his youtube channel and listing the gambling site url instead of the actual regulatory site and response?


I know you're not real journalists but seriously, if you're going to 'report' on an issue why should any of your readers have to google for direct information from the regulatory source? If you went to a news site and read about a crime but they only reported from the guilty side of the fence rather than the actual court results would you consider them to be a worthwhile source of information?